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Blue Moon Fire Dancing Show

This July 31 there was a gorgeous and rare Blue Moon. We were lucky enough to be booked at a fantastic luau show in the Central Valley in California, where we got to dance and spin fire under the gorgeous moon next to a tropical pool.  We were in great company, performing with hula dancers and …

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NC Merfest 2014 - Mermaids, Fire, Fashion, Circus and So Much LOVE

I just got back in town from the first annual NC Merfest in Cary, North Carolina.

How do I describe this experience in words?  I can do my best to describe the magic, share the art, and reminisce about the sheer, unadulterated joy, but somehow words just aren't enough.

NC Merfest was created b…

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Announcing our Newest Aerial Silks Duet Act - Phoenix

The San Jose State Homecoming game's Fire on the Fountain event was this week.  We provided stilt walkers, face painters, roller skating balloon twisters, and lots of general spirit mayhem for this event.  We also debuted our new aerial tissu duet, Phoenix, and finished out the night with our 5-da…

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Summer time - Mermaids and Fire Shows

This week was supercharged with fire and water, with three mermaid shows and three fire shows.  

I just finished a brand new swimming mermaid tail (here's my mermaid tail tutorial in case you're interested in such things).  This week I got to use it for two swimming mermaid gigs - one for kids, as…

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High School Prom - Ideas and Excitement

prom night ideas fire showLast Saturday night we were hired to perform our fire act at Bellarmine High School's Junior Prom in San Jose, CA.  We have done this before - we were the prom night entertainers for Bellarmine a couple years back, but these Juniors were a new and fresh audience and we had a fantastic time.  It was …

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The Calm Before the Storm

We made it home from Japan, mostly in one piece, and I have been sleeping for about two weeks straight.  It's been wonderful.

I feel like this down time has really restored me on a deep level.  I am so grateful to all the folks at Fire Pixie Entertainment who supported the business during our Huis…

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Fire Dancing with Fireworks, Lasers, and Fire Cannons

Last night was amazing.  

We've been fire dancing our butts off here at Huis Ten Bosch.  It's been hard.  It's been cold, and we've battled through injuries and broken fire tools and changing schedules and braved blizzards and sleet and gusting wind.  With one week left, we were needing a bit of a…

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Onstage Superpowers: a Fire Dancer's Secret Weapon

The Onstage world marches to a different beat than the offstage world.  Time bends and stretches.  Every fire performer has experienced this. One second onstage feels like approximately 3o seconds of offstage time, and an entire minute of onstage time is just a moment short of forever.   We fire dan…

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Fire Hula Hoop Upgrades


hula hoop wicks

I have a fantastic fire hula hoop from Holistic Hooping and I just love it.  It's light and fast, and easy to assemble and disassemble for soaking.

However.... I like LOTS of fire.  The wicks on this hoop are pretty little, and they looked sort of small and sad next to all our other fire to…

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The Rhythm of Japan

We are just about halfway through our performances here at Huis ten Bosch, and we've settled into the rhythm.  We usually sleep in a bit, until 9:30 or 10, then get up and have tea, make breakfast (on the unbelievably slow and underpowered hot plate) and then do a little wandering during the day - v…

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I'm Sorry Darrell!

Saturday morning and it's beautifully sunny and cold outside. We're a little tired and achey - our show count goes up on the weekends, and that extra few burns really takes it out of me, but there was fresh crab with melted butter for breakfast so that helps.

It's not the fire dancing. The fire danci…

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Japan Adventures


Yesterday there was all sorts of excitement. In the morning,Darrelland I decided to take it easy and take the train to town for some milk and gloves and a Smart Media card. We rode to the Daito station, home of Jusco, our favorite shopping mall, and the train doors didn't open. We waited patient…

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Huis ten Bosch explorings, and Darrell's day off

Yesterday was Darrell's day off, so we had a "girls only" day at the park.  I went in a little early and did some wandering, found where the good cheese is sold, (I may be in the only place in all Japan where one can find quality gruyere and smoked gouda) and checked out the docks during the daytime…

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Japan Day 6

We've been here at Huis ten Bosch for a week now and are starting to feel the rhythm of our routine.  Today's show schedule is the same as yesterday's show schedule, and that's the first time that's happened - the week after New Year's is a major holiday week for the Japanese, so everything and ever…

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Japan - Day 4

Today was a lighter show day - only 5 shows instead of 7.   We are very much appreciating the break, and took advantage of the shorter work day to have an epic shopping trip (hot plate!  yes!  no more microwaved fish!) and to go see a delightful magic show (fire illusionist FTW).  Also I got a wonde…

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New Year's Eve in Japan-sterdam

We survived our first and most difficult day of performances.. it's all downhill from here.

Yesterday was New Year's Eve.  It started out with a relaxing morning wherein I finished my first drawing and hung it on the wall.  I'm unreasonably proud of it.
After a walk to the Family Mart (our loc…

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Japan - Arrival

We've arrived!  Fire Pixie is performing for the winter season at Huis ten Bosch theme park in southern Japan.  

The trip out was pretty grueling, almost 24 hours all told to get here.  We are staying in a teensy apartment complex (the apartments are teensy, not the complex) just across the river…

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Fire Pixie in New Zealand

I'm in New Zealand!  So far it's been awesome.

We had a mostly uneventful flight in spite of some Southwest screwups (which the subsequently fixed with no harm done).  I discovered that Ambien on the plane is just about the best thing EVAR and I'm never flying a long long way without it, ever again.…

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Purim Fire Dance Show

Last night we did a fire show for a local Synagogue to celebrate Purim.  Since I'm not Jewish, I didn't know much about this holiday.  I'd heard it was a rather fun one.  Last year one of my Jewish friends brought me cookies, called Hamantaschen which was OK with me (cookies are always ok with me…

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Fire Pixie in New Zealand April 11-30, 2012

Fire Pixie is traveling to New Zealand and we are ALL kinds of excited.  It's a trip for both business and pleasure.. we will be visiting some friends, making connections for clothing sales, and doing as much fire dancing as we can handle.

We will be based in Wellington but traveling all around the …

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