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NC Merfest 2014 - Mermaids, Fire, Fashion, Circus and So Much LOVE

I just got back in town from the first annual NC Merfest in Cary, North Carolina.

How do I describe this experience in words?  I can do my best to describe the magic, share the art, and reminisce about the sheer, unadulterated joy, but somehow words just aren't enough.

NC Merfest was created b…

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Announcing our Newest Aerial Silks Duet Act - Phoenix

The San Jose State Homecoming game's Fire on the Fountain event was this week.  We provided stilt walkers, face painters, roller skating balloon twisters, and lots of general spirit mayhem for this event.  We also debuted our new aerial tissu duet, Phoenix, and finished out the night with our 5-da…

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The Calm Before the Storm

We made it home from Japan, mostly in one piece, and I have been sleeping for about two weeks straight.  It's been wonderful.

I feel like this down time has really restored me on a deep level.  I am so grateful to all the folks at Fire Pixie Entertainment who supported the business during our Huis…

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Fire Dancing and Aerial Circus Photos from San Jose State's Fire on the Fountain

The wonderful folks at SJSU sent over a few photos from our show at the Spartan Homecoming event, Fire on the Fountain, in October of 2012.  What a spectacular night that was!  Fire Pixie performed our aerial silks duet, Dragon Dance, and we also did our Cirque fire dancing show for a huge and exc…

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Aerial dance musings

Last night we did a performance at San Jose State's homecoming event, Fire on the Fountain.  This is the 5th year we've performed at this event and it's always such a great time.

This year we brought out the aerial rig and did our Dragon Tissu Duet right before the fire show.  Yes, I am crazy - a 12…

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Just wanted to share a link to this blog post by Andrea Knox in Wellington, NZ.  She's an amazing innovator and performer, and the inventor of the flyweight chains she's performing with in the video linked to this post.

SO beautiful!  And, I got to play on the flyweight chains while visiting Welli…

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SubZero Festival with the South Bay Circus Arts Collective

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to perform with the South Bay Circus Arts Collective at the SubZero street festival in downtown San Jose.

What a fantastic night!  We set up the aerial rig right in the middle of the festival and did aerial performances throughout the night as well as ground ac…

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New Zealand Fire & Aerial Show Photos

Some photos and video from our shows here in New Zealand!

Fire Show Photos

This one is my favorite:

...and a (dark-ish) video of my aerial performance!  Enjoy!

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Fire Pixie in New Zealand

I'm in New Zealand!  So far it's been awesome.

We had a mostly uneventful flight in spite of some Southwest screwups (which the subsequently fixed with no harm done).  I discovered that Ambien on the plane is just about the best thing EVAR and I'm never flying a long long way without it, ever again.…

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Free Standing Aerial Rig - First time assembly!

A week or so ago my aerial partner Miriam ordered and received a brand-new free standing aerial rig from  We found a day that wasn't too rainy and headed over to her place to unpack it and assemble it.  SO MUCH FUN

It's like a giant swing set!  A *giant* swing set!

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Las Amigas del Fuego - New Tissu Routine

I love doing aerial tissu.  I love it when I've been doing regularly for a good long while and I'm feeling strong, and most especially I love it when I'm working on a new choreographed piece.  Regular practice is fun, but working towards a goal is just SO much more satisfying.

Right now I am choreo…

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Fire Pixie in New Zealand April 11-30, 2012

Fire Pixie is traveling to New Zealand and we are ALL kinds of excited.  It's a trip for both business and pleasure.. we will be visiting some friends, making connections for clothing sales, and doing as much fire dancing as we can handle.

We will be based in Wellington but traveling all around the …

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Chinese New Year Aerial Circus Show

Fire Pixie Entertainment Presents


A Multi-Cultural Circus Show for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays.  In China, it is known as "Spring Festival," marking the end of the winter season. 2012 ushers in the Year of the Dra…

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New Year's Eve Aerial & Fire & Belly Dancing

For NYE 2011, Fire Pixie was booked at the India Community Center in Milpitas to put on a New Year's Eve circus show.  We rocked the house!

Opening act was a belly dance solo by Miriam.  I absolutely love her fluttery fabric fans..

Our second act was an aerial tissu duet featuring Miriam and me.…

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San Jose State Alumni's "Viva Variete" Show

Last Tuesday, June 28, Fire Pixie co-produced and performed in Viva Variete.  This was a collaboration with San Jose State University, and the biggest show I've ever produced (or co-produced, I can't say I did all that much). It was at the San Jose Repertory Theater, y'know, the Big Blue Cube theate…

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Tissu at the lake

I've been up at the lake the last couple of days and it's been lovely. We strung the tissu between two trees and did lots of photographing.. it's a lovely place to hang out. I haven't been motivated to actually practice any choreography, which is becoming a more pressing problem as faerieworlds is i…

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Aerial dance photos

It's been a pretty exciting week.. had a great show for a Bat Mitzvah on Sunday, at a cute little restaurant in Redwood City that I'd never heard of before - Angelica's Bistro.  I want to go back there for dinner some time.. the ambiance was fantastic and the food looked great!

Today I did a pho…

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