Fire Pixie

LED Glow Light Dancers

Fire Pixie Light shows


Light shows are a great option when fire is not allowed, or for smaller or indoor spaces.  Our light dancers can perform a 10-15 minute show or can dance go-go style around your event.  

The swirling colors and beautiful LED animated costumes captivate the eye and the motion and beauty lends a vibrant feel to any party.  

Wonderful for Burning Man themed parties, White Party themed events or Fire and Ice parties.

Our illuminated costumes are some of the best in the world.  We use POV (persistence of vision) props that draw pictures in the air, and we can customize them to show your corporate logo or any color or image combination you want for your party.

We also have a lights-and-projection show where we bring a huge screen and create a full stage show experience with music, projected visuals and glow dancers.