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Fundraiser Benefit Performers

We love performing.  We're passionate, excited, and enamored with that adrenaline rush that comes from lighting up our fire dancing props and stepping out on stage.  When the show is performed at a fundraiser benefit for a good cause, it adds a whole other dimension to our show (and our lives). …

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Fire Dancing at Michael David Winery's Reggae & Rhone Event

Michael David Winery is one of our favorite venues for performances.  They've invited Fire Pixie to perform at their Reggae & Rhone party every year for the last 10 years, and this weekend's show was so much fun.  We had four fire dancers spread throughout the party, performing ambient fire dancing …

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Fire Dancers around a Fire Pit

I just love this photo from before our backyard fire dancing show last Saturday night.  Flame pants and a fire pit.. the sunset behind us was just amazing too.  :)

Blue Moon Fire Dancing Show

This July 31 there was a gorgeous and rare Blue Moon. We were lucky enough to be booked at a fantastic luau show in the Central Valley in California, where we got to dance and spin fire under the gorgeous moon next to a tropical pool.  We were in great company, performing with hula dancers and …

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High School Prom - Ideas and Excitement

prom night ideas fire showLast Saturday night we were hired to perform our fire act at Bellarmine High School's Junior Prom in San Jose, CA.  We have done this before - we were the prom night entertainers for Bellarmine a couple years back, but these Juniors were a new and fresh audience and we had a fantastic time.  It was …

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The Calm Before the Storm

We made it home from Japan, mostly in one piece, and I have been sleeping for about two weeks straight.  It's been wonderful.

I feel like this down time has really restored me on a deep level.  I am so grateful to all the folks at Fire Pixie Entertainment who supported the business during our Huis…

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Fire Dancing with Fireworks, Lasers, and Fire Cannons

Last night was amazing.  

We've been fire dancing our butts off here at Huis Ten Bosch.  It's been hard.  It's been cold, and we've battled through injuries and broken fire tools and changing schedules and braved blizzards and sleet and gusting wind.  With one week left, we were needing a bit of a…

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Onstage Superpowers: a Fire Dancer's Secret Weapon

The Onstage world marches to a different beat than the offstage world.  Time bends and stretches.  Every fire performer has experienced this. One second onstage feels like approximately 3o seconds of offstage time, and an entire minute of onstage time is just a moment short of forever.   We fire dan…

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Fire Hula Hoop Upgrades


hula hoop wicks

I have a fantastic fire hula hoop from Holistic Hooping and I just love it.  It's light and fast, and easy to assemble and disassemble for soaking.

However.... I like LOTS of fire.  The wicks on this hoop are pretty little, and they looked sort of small and sad next to all our other fire to…

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I'm Sorry Darrell!

Saturday morning and it's beautifully sunny and cold outside. We're a little tired and achey - our show count goes up on the weekends, and that extra few burns really takes it out of me, but there was fresh crab with melted butter for breakfast so that helps.

It's not the fire dancing. The fire danci…

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Japan Day 6

We've been here at Huis ten Bosch for a week now and are starting to feel the rhythm of our routine.  Today's show schedule is the same as yesterday's show schedule, and that's the first time that's happened - the week after New Year's is a major holiday week for the Japanese, so everything and ever…

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New Year's Eve in Japan-sterdam

We survived our first and most difficult day of performances.. it's all downhill from here.

Yesterday was New Year's Eve.  It started out with a relaxing morning wherein I finished my first drawing and hung it on the wall.  I'm unreasonably proud of it.
After a walk to the Family Mart (our loc…

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Purim Fire Dance Show

Last night we did a fire show for a local Synagogue to celebrate Purim.  Since I'm not Jewish, I didn't know much about this holiday.  I'd heard it was a rather fun one.  Last year one of my Jewish friends brought me cookies, called Hamantaschen which was OK with me (cookies are always ok with me…

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San Jose State's Fire on the Fountain Show Photos

I was trawling the internet late at night and happened upon these awesome photos of our fire show at San Jose State University's Homecoming from this year.  It was a really fun show.. and TrueNoir got some really great shots! 

Here's my favorite... spoooky!

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Fire Dancing at Cache Creek Casino

Fire Pixie was lucky enough to perform for the VIP Club party at Cache Creek Casino last weekend.  We did 4 shows throughout the night on their gorgeous stage at Club 88.  The whole place was decorated with a Fire & Ice theme.. I love doing fire & ice parties!  Being a fire person, I'm really blown …

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SFSU AIDS Awareness Day

Today we'll be performing at the SFSU Aids Awareness Day again.. come on out and see us!  We'll be performing at around 12:30 outside the Student Union.  Come and support this awesome event and the amazing students who put it on every year.

This event is lots of fun, with games, booths, food and en…

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Fire Dancing in the Rain

Last night we did a fire show for a 16th birthday party in Sacramento.  This show had been booked for MONTHS and the hostess was really excited about it.. we were too!  It was a very cool location, right near the capital building, and a "Fire & Ice" theme which is some of our best stuff.

When yest…

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Fire Dancing for Diwali at Junnoon in Palo Alto

If you're looking for something fun to do for Diwali this weekend come check us out!  We will be performing at Junnoon Restaurant on Friday night (November 5) and possibly also November 6.  Come have some delicious indian food in an absolutely delightful restaurant with great atmosphere - and of…

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Photo booth! the Nimitz Halloween Mansion party..

Next time I'll be more careful not to make Darrell mad. ;)

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I love doing halloween fire shows! I love parties where absolutely everyone dresses up in costume. I love the challenge of having to give my costume that extra "oomph" so I still stand out as a performer. I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

I did a stilt walking show at the Live 105 Spookfest last night, and that wa…

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