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Glowing Rave Dancer Costume

It's beginning to be that season where I get to go out to fancy events and play with all the crazy toys and costumes I worked on all winter.  Here's a fun little .gif from last night's "Rave" party at a winery in Napa Valley.  I feel so blessed and fortunate to get these opportunities to be a hired dance performer for this kind of event.  It gives meaning and purpose to all those hours of soldering and sewing and programming.  


Wearing my Chakra hoodie, my Pixie Cyber wig, and my Mermaid Moon pendant, and dancing with my MorningStar doublestaffs.  I got the shoes from Amazon.  They are cheap and cheesy and comfy and I LOVE them.  :)  

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Fundraiser Benefit Performers

We love performing.  We're passionate, excited, and enamored with that adrenaline rush that comes from lighting up our fire dancing props and stepping out on stage.  When the show is performed at a fundraiser benefit for a good cause, it adds a whole other dimension to our show (and our lives).  

We had the good fortune to be invited to perform at a private medical fundraiser at an absolutely beautiful home in the Fremont hills this past weekend.  There was live music, incredible food and our fire show, but the sunset view above the infinity pool looking out over the Bay Area was truly the showstopper.

A fire performance on the playbill always gets people's attention and gets them excited about your event!


Picture Persistence of Vision LED Dancer Video - Performers for Your Event

Check out our newest light dancer video featuring Erin spinning her Supernova poi!  These can be customized with any colors, themes, or corporate logos.  We're busy creating lots of brand-new acts with these gorgeous poi, as well as our hula hoops and double staffs and Isis wings.  Put them all together for an amazing light show that your audience has never seen the likes of before.



New Light Dance & Projection show Video Clip

Here are a few teaser clips from our latest LED light dance and projection show.    Enjoy!


Fire Breathing on the Beach in Santa Cruz - Photo Shoot with Lance Miller

We had a wonderful opportunity to work with Lance Miller, who's a wonderful photographer in the Santa Cruz area.  Check out these amazing beach shots -- I love the way he captures the fire with the camera lens.

fire whip fireball cloudMasquerade fire eatersfire double staff red beach

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