Fire Pixie

Fire Permits

For most shows on private property or for many outdoor shows, you do not need a fire permit. Fire Permits are sometimes necessary for fire shows on commercial or public property.

We are familiar with permitting processes and will help you obtain any necessary permits for public shows. The regulations for event fire permits in each city are slightly different. Contact your local fire department to find out regulations for your area.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the necessary steps for obtaining a permit in San Francisco:

  • Provide the Fire Department with a plot plan illustrating the performance area (including the 4 walls, ceiling and floor)
  • Provide the Fire Department with a plot plan illustrating the location of the fire performer, safety perimeter line, and the audience
  • Provide proof of Insurance (1 Million dollars) each time you apply for a fire permit
  • The insurance form also needs to list the City and County of San Francisco and it's employees as additional insured.
  • Complete the permit application form and render permit fee at 698 2nd Street, cross street Townsend Street. (Hours: M-F: 8 - 11 am, 1 - 5 pm )
  • Have fire tools inspected (in person) by the Fire Deparment
  • Pay $165 to acquire your permit
  • Provide information regarding event location, date, time; type of fire devices, fuel (containment, storage, transport), and safety details.