Fire Pixie

Fire Shows - Fire Eating Classes

Learning to eat fire is a fun and exciting way to expand your horizons, overcome fears or add a great new skill to your performance repertoire.  It's exciting and a little scary, but we make the process as safe as possible.  Classes are taught in Auburn, CA on an individual basis.  Class sizes are small, so every student gets lots of individual instruction.  

Class 1: Torch making

All materials and instruction will be provided, and you'll go home with your own set of 3 eating torches. I'll show you how these same techniques can be used for making fire fingers or other fire toys. I'll also cover fire safety, fire eating theory, and show you techniques to practice so you're comfortable, confident, and ready to eat fire in class 2.

Class 2: Fire Eating!

Bring your new torches and learn to eat fire! Fuel and fire safety cloth will be provided. First I'll cover health and safety issues: what kind of fuel tastes best, what will kill you and what won't, how to deal with dragon belches afterwards (yuk!). Then, we'll use a 4-step learning method which will bring your comfort level up to the point that you will actually extinguish your torch in your mouth by the end of the lesson.

Class 3: Fire Eating Tricks, Contact, and Performance

Now that you're a fire eater, it's time to learn some additional tricks, including "dragon's breath", tongue and body transfers, and fire contact. I'll also talk about fire eating performance - what works and what doesn't in front of an audience, and why. Create your own fire eating "show" and perform in front of the class!