Fire Pixie

Cirque Fire - Fire Acrobats

Fire Pixie's world-class "Cirque" fire show is a high energy circus experience that blends fire arts with emotive acrobatic dance to create a magical, captivating and unforgettable show.

 "Cirque" will take you to a universe where the laws of physics are flexible and the impossible becomes reality.  You will meet zany characters and journey with them as they explore this playground of flame and fire.  

 Feel the fire, and let it change you.

 "Cirque" is Fire Pixie's signature show.  After hundreds of performances, it continues to amaze and delight audiences worldwide.  This is our most acrobatic show and features between 5-7 fire acts including fire dancing, fire "circus" hula hoop, fire eating, breathing fire, and acrobatic hand balancing and lifts.   You'll feel like you're watching amazing acts at the circus - right at your own event.  This show will take care of all your event entertainment in one amazing package.