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LED Belly Dance Fans Video & Tutorial

Say hello to my latest new invention: LED persistence-of-vision belly dance fan veils.

I created these because I haven't seen much like them commercially available for LED dancers, and I am super happy with how they turned out.  I can upload whatever colors and code I like to them for all sor…

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New Year's Eve 2015 Lights & Projection Show Wrapup

Our New Year's Eve LED Light show at the India Community Center in Milpitas, CA went off without a hitch.

Light shows are hard.  Fire shows are a breeze in comparison -- as long as we've checked and soaked our tools, they will catch fire every time.  Lights are trickier.  Batteries must be charged.…

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LED and Aerial Dance Show for New Year's Eve

Oh, the holiday season.  

Professional performers -- not only do we have to decorate the tree, shop for presents, bake the cookies and do all the normal holiday stuff, but this is one of the busiest seasons of the year for corporate entertainers.  Company holiday parties appear all in a cluster …

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New Offerings in our LED Light Shows

I've been going a little bit crazy with LEDs this year.

Ok, a lot crazy.  It seems like dreaming up and creating LED-based acts and costumes is all I ever do anymore.  It's moved beyond an interest, right through obsession and landed squarely in the realm of passion.

I'm still doing loads of Pri…

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Rainbow Unicorn Body Paint at the FABA Convention

A few weeks back I attended BayFABA, a face and body art convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There were some incredible instructors there including Mark Reid, Jodi Carr, Sammie Bartko and Pashur and lots of others.  These conventions are all so inspirational.. I learned a lot of new painting…

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Grad Night Circus Performers on Treasure Island

It's Grad Night season, and that means lots of super fun circus shows for super excited teenaged audiences.  We've been helping the grads celebrate at a number of events over the past few weeks -- from Grad night luau fire shows to stilt walkers and face painters to all-night circus parties.  I re…

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NC Merfest 2014 - Mermaids, Fire, Fashion, Circus and So Much LOVE

I just got back in town from the first annual NC Merfest in Cary, North Carolina.

How do I describe this experience in words?  I can do my best to describe the magic, share the art, and reminisce about the sheer, unadulterated joy, but somehow words just aren't enough.

NC Merfest was created b…

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Glow Fur Light Dancers

We've got new costumes!  Our glow fur costumes are amazing.  They're super bright, incredibly eye-catching and programmable!  That means we can change the colors to match any even theme.  

These costumes went over really well at the San Ramon tree lighting ceremony on Friday and strolling aroun…

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Announcing our Newest Aerial Silks Duet Act - Phoenix

The San Jose State Homecoming game's Fire on the Fountain event was this week.  We provided stilt walkers, face painters, roller skating balloon twisters, and lots of general spirit mayhem for this event.  We also debuted our new aerial tissu duet, Phoenix, and finished out the night with our 5-da…

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Body Painted Nymphs, Fairies & Satyrs in Winery Finery

Body Painting Nymphs and Satyr

Fire Pixie had the privilege of providing five walk-around variety entertainers for a corporate party at the Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville, CA this week with Wine Country Entertainment.  

The Villagio's rustic stone buildings are surrounded by curling grape arbors and spacious lawns dotted wi…

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Circus Themed Wedding in Reno, NV

When you think of weddings, do you think of stilt-walking Ringmasters?  Unicycle-riding fire jugglers and beautiful contortionists? Do you imagine guests bedecked in classic top hats and spats, with ladies in bustles and touting parasols?  That was the scene at Wendy and Brett's wedding this weeken…

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Swimming Mermaid Cosplay and Photography in Cancun - Whale Sharks and the MUSA Underwater Museum

Mermaids, whale sharks and sandy beaches?  Count me in.

Way Beyond Productions, a photo studio and dive shop out of North Carolina, put together a mermaid portfolio  dive trip at Isla Mujeres, off the coast of Cancun in Mexico.  The trip was absolutely magical.  As I write this a week later, I'm s…

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Summer time - Mermaids and Fire Shows

This week was supercharged with fire and water, with three mermaid shows and three fire shows.  

I just finished a brand new swimming mermaid tail (here's my mermaid tail tutorial in case you're interested in such things).  This week I got to use it for two swimming mermaid gigs - one for kids, as…

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High School Prom - Ideas and Excitement

prom night ideas fire showLast Saturday night we were hired to perform our fire act at Bellarmine High School's Junior Prom in San Jose, CA.  We have done this before - we were the prom night entertainers for Bellarmine a couple years back, but these Juniors were a new and fresh audience and we had a fantastic time.  It was …

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The Calm Before the Storm

We made it home from Japan, mostly in one piece, and I have been sleeping for about two weeks straight.  It's been wonderful.

I feel like this down time has really restored me on a deep level.  I am so grateful to all the folks at Fire Pixie Entertainment who supported the business during our Huis…

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Fire Dancing with Fireworks, Lasers, and Fire Cannons

Last night was amazing.  

We've been fire dancing our butts off here at Huis Ten Bosch.  It's been hard.  It's been cold, and we've battled through injuries and broken fire tools and changing schedules and braved blizzards and sleet and gusting wind.  With one week left, we were needing a bit of a…

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Onstage Superpowers: a Fire Dancer's Secret Weapon

The Onstage world marches to a different beat than the offstage world.  Time bends and stretches.  Every fire performer has experienced this. One second onstage feels like approximately 3o seconds of offstage time, and an entire minute of onstage time is just a moment short of forever.   We fire dan…

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Fire Dancing and Aerial Circus Photos from San Jose State's Fire on the Fountain

The wonderful folks at SJSU sent over a few photos from our show at the Spartan Homecoming event, Fire on the Fountain, in October of 2012.  What a spectacular night that was!  Fire Pixie performed our aerial silks duet, Dragon Dance, and we also did our Cirque fire dancing show for a huge and exc…

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Fire Hula Hoop Upgrades


hula hoop wicks

I have a fantastic fire hula hoop from Holistic Hooping and I just love it.  It's light and fast, and easy to assemble and disassemble for soaking.

However.... I like LOTS of fire.  The wicks on this hoop are pretty little, and they looked sort of small and sad next to all our other fire to…

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New Swimming Mermaid Video

Back in October, we went to Maui for a week and brought the mermaid tail.  We rented an underwater camera and went for a swim, and got a lot of photos and a few video clips as a result.  They have been sitting in an unassuming folder on my hard drive ever since.

Well, yesterday I found them, dust…

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