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Venetian Color Thief - Unique Strolling Ambient LED Glow Character for Events

Introducing our newest walk-around strolling party character: the Venetian Color Thief.  She is a beautifully detailed Venetian costumed character who steals the colors from people around her and displays them in a dazzling light show.

LED Venetian Color Thief

Elegant and mysterious yet fun and interactive, the Color Thief inspires a lively feeling of Carnival in Venice, Italy.  She glows and twinkles in beautiful white light until she encounters a color she likes - a scarf, a necktie, or a piece of jewelry.  With a wave of her finger, she reaches out and "steals" the color, and instantly over 50 leds in her mask and robe change, to twinkle in shades of the stolen color.  

Delightfully magical and uniquely interactive entertainment!  The Venetian Color Thief is a perfect fit for any Masquerade or Carnival theme party, or to add interest and excitement for convention after-parties or corporate events or tradeshows.  

Book her for your event in the San Francisco Bay Area today!

More about the making of this costume over at Fire Pixie Fashion

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