Fire Pixie

Stilts and Lights in Sacramento

Wednesday night I performed as a stilt walker and ambient performer / go-go dancer for the Pizza Rock collective on K St in downtown Sacramento.  This was a pretty fun gig.  The location was interesting - the Dive Bar, Pizza Rock, and Division 30 are all owned by the same folks and all next door to each other on K St, which is closed to traffic and a pretty cool place to hang out.  The Dive Bar has a huge fish tank above the bar, in which they have real, live mermaids!  (I gotta get in on that next time, I *love* being a mermaid)

Here are a few photos from the night, and a short light-spinning video too.  It is *hard* to videotape light dancing but this one turned out ok.  I am determined to get some quality lights video someday!!!




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