Fire Pixie

San Jose State Alumni's "Viva Variete" Show

Last Tuesday, June 28, Fire Pixie co-produced and performed in Viva Variete.  This was a collaboration with San Jose State University, and the biggest show I've ever produced (or co-produced, I can't say I did all that much). It was at the San Jose Repertory Theater, y'know, the Big Blue Cube theater, and it was a fundraiser event put on for SJSU Alumni.

I hired a little more than half the artists, and Darrell and I did a lot of the pre-planning and conceptual work. The nuts and bolts (lighting, tickets, venue, etc) were all taken care of by the SJSU team, who also wrote the final script and hired the other half of the artists. Tuesday we did a couple walk-throughs of the show and then performed it, and I have to say I am TOTALLY impressed with how smoothly it all went off. It was really a flawless show! No backstage drama. Everyone on time and all the acts were really professional and delightful.

We had aerialists, physical comedians, jugglers, beat boxers, belly dancers, contortion, vaudeville, hula hoopers, and Fire Pixie did a light show.  I didn't get any photos from the show, but there was a video crew there and soon there will be footage to share.. yay!

We also had ambient entertainers in the lobby before the show, and these I did get photos of. Roller skating balloon twisters, stilt walkers, and cigarette girls. The costumes for the cig girls were what was keeping me oh-so busy the week before the show, and they turned out ADORABLE and now I have cigarette girl costumes so YAY!

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