Fire Pixie

Light Shows with Flow Toys

It's wintertime, and the weather is iffy, so we find ourselves doing a lot of light shows this time of year.  Light shows can be done indoors, so, no worrying about fire permits or ventilation, and they're fun to watch and pretty mesmerizing. 

We use a variety of light toys for spinning, but our favorites are from Flow Toys.  Their lights are recognized as the best by just about every light dancer I know, and are used by most of the troupes and larger circus groups in the Bay Area. 

They've got loads of different configurations and LOTS of pretty colors.  These toys were designed from the ground up by professional light dancers, so they really meet the demands that performers put on them - they're reliable and sturdy and bright and really flexible. 

My heart belongs to fire, but if I am spinning lights, I love me some Flow Toys.

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