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Body Painted Nymphs, Fairies & Satyrs in Winery Finery

Body Painting Nymphs and Satyr

Fire Pixie had the privilege of providing five walk-around variety entertainers for a corporate party at the Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville, CA this week with Wine Country Entertainment.  

The Villagio's rustic stone buildings are surrounded by curling grape arbors and spacious lawns dotted with Italian marble fountains, making it the perfect setting for a Midsummer Night's Dream theme party. We brought the theme and the setting to life with body painted nymphs, satyrs, fairies, and strolling fire eaters.

nymph body paint

We arrived excited, after a lovely drive past vines that are heady with grapes and promise at this time of year.  I took over an out-of-the-way marble bathroom, spread out my paints and drop cloths and started creating art.  

This was the fourth time I've painted two models identically, and I had forgotten what a huge impact "twin" painted models can make.  My two nymphs were painted head-to-toe with grape vines, grape leaves, and bunches of ripe purple grapes, and adorned in bacchus-style headdresses with flowy purple wings and loincloths.  I left a fair bit of bare skin showing through the paint, which made the whole design feel really sexy.  They accented the Napa Valley winery atmosphere perfectly.

Once the nymphs were painted, I got started on the satyr.  I've done this design several times on men, mostly on stilt walkers (a satyr on jumping stilts is truly a sight to behold).  This was the first time I've done it on a woman, and I really love the result.  Luma, the model who rocked this design, is 5'9 and in amazing shape, and the impact when she climbed onto her 5" platform hooves was just stunning.  She was a Satyr Amazon woman!  

Once I'd finished painting everyone, I hurried into my Peacock Fairy dress as Darrell put on his Satyr outfit and got out the fire eating torches.   The five of us headed out into the event and took our places, waiting for the guests to arrive.

body painted nymphs - photo by Wine Country Entertainment

peacock fairy

 Darrell, the fire eating satyr, was placed out front.  His audience engagement skills are amazing and his showmanship is great, so he was a wonderful first impact .. the guests knew they were in for a great party.  

As soon as they entered the wine garden, the two nymphs literally stopped the guests in their tracks.  Everyone wanted photos with them - they were glittery and glistening in the evening sunlight, and the slight breeze played delightfully with their wings, adding mystique, color and motion.  I couldn't stop looking at them!   

Once people made it past the nymphs, they started playing with the body-painted satyr.  Her slinky movement and silly voices brought the character to life in a super fun, approachable and delightful way.  I loved watching her snake through the crowd.  

I was at the back of the garden in my fancy peacock fairy costume with more fire, so I got to meet all the guests once they'd been greeted, flirted with, stunned, and played with, and they were having an absolutely fantastic time - which made my job a delight as I whirled and twirled and played with fire for them.

Napa Valley sure knows how to throw a party.  I think all the guests will remember this one for a long time. 


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