Fire Pixie

Aerial dance musings

Last night we did a performance at San Jose State's homecoming event, Fire on the Fountain.  This is the 5th year we've performed at this event and it's always such a great time.

This year we brought out the aerial rig and did our Dragon Tissu Duet right before the fire show.  Yes, I am crazy - a 12 minute aerial duet followed by a 25 minute high-energy fire show is a bit ambitious even for me.  Better living through Adrenaline.  It was awesome.

I've been doing fire shows for 10 years now, and by this time they are a piece of cake.  Each one's a little different, so they still feel fresh and fun, but there is no stage fright, no worry, no fuss.. it's just a celebration every time.

Aerial shows are a different can of worms altogether.  This is perhaps the 4th time we've performed this duet in front of an audience.  The rig needed to be set up just before the show and taken down just afterwards, and while we're good at doing that efficiently it still takes a fair amount of brain power and focus, especially when working with folks who haven't done it before.  The ground was wet due to an earlier rain shower and we were a bit nervous about how that would affect the tissu itself.  Luckily there wasn't any wind, but that's always a consideration when performing outdoors too (it's hard to wrap gracefully up in a tissu that's billowing in all sorts of exciting ways).

With many types of performance, there is a magical state of Flow that arrives just after the pre-show butterflies leave and the music starts.  You step onto the stage, into the lights, and all nervousness transmutes into Presence, joy, and timelessness.

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