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Rainbow Unicorn Body Paint at the FABA Convention

A few weeks back I attended BayFABA, a face and body art convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There were some incredible instructors there including Mark Reid, Jodi Carr, Sammie Bartko and Pashur and lots of others.  These conventions are all so inspirational.. I learned a lot of new painting…

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Grad Night Circus Performers on Treasure Island

It's Grad Night season, and that means lots of super fun circus shows for super excited teenaged audiences.  We've been helping the grads celebrate at a number of events over the past few weeks -- from Grad night luau fire shows to stilt walkers and face painters to all-night circus parties.  I re…

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New Web Site

Take a look around at our new web site!  We've added lots of new photos and videos and updated the content to reflect all the great new stuff we are offering.

Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful shows and experiences with us!

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Aerial dance musings

Last night we did a performance at San Jose State's homecoming event, Fire on the Fountain.  This is the 5th year we've performed at this event and it's always such a great time.

This year we brought out the aerial rig and did our Dragon Tissu Duet right before the fire show.  Yes, I am crazy - a 12…

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Just wanted to share a link to this blog post by Andrea Knox in Wellington, NZ.  She's an amazing innovator and performer, and the inventor of the flyweight chains she's performing with in the video linked to this post.

SO beautiful!  And, I got to play on the flyweight chains while visiting Welli…

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Fire Walking for the Guinness Book of Records in Wellington

The Fire Pixie team has returned safely and successfully from our New Zealand trip.  Such good times.

We spent the second week of our trip in Queenstown and the South Island, having adrenaline rushes and looking at gorgeous scenery, and then headed back to Wellington in time for a world record attem…

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Cirque du Soleil and inspiration

Yesterday being Darrell's birthday, I took him out to (an unfortunately mediocre) dinner and then to see Totem, the Cirque du Soleil show that's playing in San Jose.

There was nothing mediocre about Totem.

OH I loved it.  I had a smile of absolute delight on my face from the opening act all the way th…

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Wow, it's been a while since I updated - so much of my exciting news gets posted on facebook these days that I don't always remember to post here as well.

A couple fun things to share.. I will be featured spinning fire on an episode of "What would Brian Boitano Make?" which will air on March 28 at …

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California State Fair

We've made it to the halfway point of the State Fair! Yay!

Our show has been rockin', and the audiences are really a lot of fun. The only major drawback is the heat - yesterday it was up to 104 and we were melting on that hot, hot stage. When it gets that hot, we have to be extra careful and aware…

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Last night we did a fire show for a 30th birthday party in Walnut Creek (and what a beautiful night it was).  KT and I had a great time - we did our Belly Dance show which is one of our favorites but hasn't been booked a lot lately (people seem to like Belly Dance in the early summer for some reason…

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Spartan Daily Multimedia

We did a really fun show for the Fire on the Fountain Homecoming event at San Jose State University at the end of last year. This was our second time doing this event and we *love* the crowds at SJSU - college students are so much fun to perform for, and this event is really well organized and staf…

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Pirate Ship Fire Eating

Eating fire at the face & body painting convention with a pirate ship painted on my face.. fun for all ages.  Thanks to Mark Reid for the photo!

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Fire eating and body painting

I just went to the Face Painting & Body Art convention in Orlando, FL in early January.. I do body painting as well as fire dancing ( and had a really great time. One of the highlights was that I got to teach a fire eating class to a student who flew down from New Jersey to le…

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Fire or Ice?

This is my favorite image from our New Year's Eve Fire & Ice show.. is she breathing fire... or ice?

We also got a mention in the Tahoe Daily Tribune!  

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