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Back to Business

It's been a week since the California State Fair run ended and we're *finally* feeling fully rested. It's always both exciting and a little sad when a show reaches its end. We met so many wonderful people during the run, and really pushed our limits with the heat and the sheer physicality of the sho…

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State Fair Diaries

We made it through Day 2 of the California State Fair! :) 2 days down, 16 more to go. Here's hoping we don't melt into little puddles or burn ourselves crispy in the process!

We're doing 3 or 4 shows every day - at 4, 6, and 9 pm on weekdays and 2, 4, 6 and 9 on the weekends. Our shows are a half h…

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San Mateo County Fair

We do a lot of private parties, and people are often asking me where they can see us perform in public.. well, tonight is the night - the first of many!

We'll be performing tonight at the San Mateo County Fair at 9:00 PM on the Carnival Borough Stage. If you can't catch us tonight, we'll also be th…

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Fire Arts Festival

Fire Pixie had the wonderful opportunity to perform at the Fire Arts Festival this year with Copper Lantern Fire Theatre.

Fire Arts happens once a year and people really pull out all the stops: huge metal monsters that shoot fire, all kids of art and beautiful kinetic sculptures everywhere, great p…

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Iowa State University Trip

It's a sleepy Monday after a long weekend of traveling and fire.  We had a 5-dancer show at the VEISHEA celebration at Iowa State University on Saturday night, and really had a great time on the trip.  

This is the second year we've performed at VEISHEA and this year the weather, despite forecast…

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San Francisco State AIDS Awareness Day

Today we're doing a fire show at San Francisco State University for their AIDS awareness day.  We've performed at this event the last 2 years as well and it's always a lot of fun.  The student organizers do a really great job, and despite the bright sun (never a fire show's best friend!) the crowd a…

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Fire Show Season

As winter turns into spring our Fire Show season is really picking up.  We're doing a lot of interesting shows this year, and really enjoying the dual challenges of performing in new and different spaces, and of creating new material and new shows for our fantastic repeat clients.

The Bollywood th…

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California State Fair

Fire Pixie has just been booked to perform at the California State Fair this year!

The theme of the fair is Weird, Wild, & Wacky and I guess we fit right in. :) We'll be doing 3 shows a day each day from August 21 through September 7th. I will post more details as to where we'll be, and all that, wh…

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Fire in the Air

In addition to playing with fire, I'm an aspiring aerialist. What can I say, I love being upside down.. I'm working on a routine that complements my fiery side up on the aerial tissu and this afternoon I made a new costume and

New Year's Eve

We had a great show on New Year's Eve with Blue Sky Events up in Lake Tahoe.  It was a 6-dancer show with a fire & ice theme, and it was great to work with such a big group of dancers because we could really heat the place up (and brrrr.. that was pretty important during winter up in Tahoe!)

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