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Purim Fire Dance Show

Last night we did a fire show for a local Synagogue to celebrate Purim.  Since I'm not Jewish, I didn't know much about this holiday.  I'd heard it was a rather fun one.  Last year one of my Jewish friends brought me cookies, called Hamantaschen which was OK with me (cookies are always ok with me) and I'd heard that this is a drinking holiday. 

I didn't realize it was also a costume holiday!  We got to the venue and more than half the audience were dressed in silly costumes.  Costumes, drinking and cookie delivery?  This is my kinda holiday.

We did the show in our Renaissance costumes (that costume always makes me feel so twirly) and we fit right in.  There were dozens and dozens of Princesses (of all ages), people dressed as food (notably a whole family dressed as pizza slices and a VERY cute little 2 year-old cupcake), people dressed as Esther and King David to celebrate the meaning behind the holiday, and a fair smattering of ninja, jedi, hippies, and the like.  There were also a lot of people dressed as Italians - an Italian bike racer, an Italian dancer, Italian gangsters, and Italian Renaissance costumes.  Also there were two kids dressed as soldiers from the Israeli Special Forces. 

I love these little slices of life and culture I get to witness as a performer.  :)  The San Francisco Bay Area is awesome.  Happy Purim everyone!

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