Fire Pixie

Onstage Superpowers: a Fire Dancer's Secret Weapon

The Onstage world marches to a different beat than the offstage world.  Time bends and stretches.  Every fire performer has experienced this. One second onstage feels like approximately 3o seconds of offstage time, and an entire minute of onstage time is just a moment short of forever.   We fire dancers move accordingly, which means when we move, we move superman-fast, and when we hold a pose for 4 seconds (the approximate amount of time it takes for an audience to start clapping), we have held that pose for about a year and a day of onstage time.

This is made possible by the fact that the laws of physics also apply differently while onstage.   Circus performers on stage receive adrenaline-induced superpowers.  This is absolutely true!  Any aches or muscle knots dissolve (imperviousness to pain), the time between the notes in the song stretches (superhuman speed), acrobatic lifts and other moves we find tough in rehearsal become ridiculously easy (superhuman strength) and we can get into positions that would otherwise be physically impossible (elastigirl flexibility).  We also get steam-train endurance, and for fire dancers, imperviousness to fire.  (Or, at least, imperviousness to feeling the burns until we walk off stage).  

So if you ever wondered why we circus performers work so hard, well, there you have it.   (getting to wear spandex is just a bonus)

One of my very favorite circus superpowers is the ability to temporarily gift your powers to your fellow performers. It's been a difficult run here at Huis ten Bosch.  There have been injuries and blizzards and gale-force winds, illnesses and food poisoning and burns, burns, burns, burns.  

But... one look from Darrell and his tidal wave of energy, bliss, and adrenaline sweeps over me and I remember that I am Fire Pixie, the Superhuman Lighter-than-Air Dancer who Rules Over the Element of Fire.  It's a bit of a rush.

Tonight, my fellow superheroes and I are going to star in a special show complete with fire cannons, laser lights and a giant fireworks display.  I am quite excited!  May the Performer Deities grant me Super Focus, so I don't get distracted by all the pretty lights and forget my choreography.

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