Fire Pixie

Japan Day 6

We've been here at Huis ten Bosch for a week now and are starting to feel the rhythm of our routine.  Today's show schedule is the same as yesterday's show schedule, and that's the first time that's happened - the week after New Year's is a major holiday week for the Japanese, so everything and everyone has been running on overdrive.  Our bodies are begging for rest, but we're all fit enough that I'm confident we'll make it through the next couple days.  We will all be glad when Monday rolls around and our daily show count goes from 7 down to 3.

The intense schedule has us making little mistakes.. singed hair and eyebrows, mini burns on hands and arms - nothing major, thank goodness, but enough to put us on our guard.  Yesterday I misplaced my fire hula hoop wicks, and had to borrow Sequoia's fans to sub for the hoop solo during one of our shows.  (Darrell found them before the next show, earning 10,014 brownie points and a gold star)  That put me a bit off balance, and then one of my poi handles caught fire during that show's finale and I had to finish the choreography with just one poi.  That's NOT easy, folks.

I dropped it in time to save my knuckle skin, so I'm ok.. but we've had multiple instances of handles catching fire.  I think it's the combination of the slightly different fuel we're using and the sheer volume of shows - the handles never have a chance to fully dry and breathe.  On my first day off, I believe I shall attempt to make some spare handles so we can rotate them out.

So, we still haven't had much time to explore either the park or the surrounding area, but we start getting days off next week so that will come.  This weekend is all about head-down and pushing through to Monday.

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