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High School Prom - Ideas and Excitement

prom night ideas fire showLast Saturday night we were hired to perform our fire act at Bellarmine High School's Junior Prom in San Jose, CA.  We have done this before - we were the prom night entertainers for Bellarmine a couple years back, but these Juniors were a new and fresh audience and we had a fantastic time.  It was a "Rock and Roll through the Ages" prom theme and we had a lot of fun with the music.

It can be hard to find prom ideas for entertainment that are unique, different, and something that jaded high schoolers will get excited about.  A fire show fits the bill perfectly - it's a little on the wild side, a little dangerous and very shiny - a winning combination for prom night and grad night parties.

The prom dresses were so beautiful!  I wonder if we were ever that beautiful at 16.. shining faces and beautiful smiles, and the flush of excitement behind their perfectly made-up eyes all lent itself to a feeling of being surrounded by the pinnacle of youth and beauty.  It's impossible not to smile back and give them lots of love during the show.

The rough part was that I'd had kind of a tiring week.  After aerial dance conditioning, roller skating, running and weight lifting all week, one of my thigh muscles just decided to quit on me during the show.  There's one acrobatic dance lift that we do, where Darrell lifts me up and twirls me around with the fire blazing, and my muscle just felt like a rubber band that had been stretched just a little too far.  It gave a very painful SNAP and I screamed in agony.  (Luckily, the audience was screaming their heads off at that moment so I don't think anyone actually heard me)

I finished the show with a smile - performing with a bad lower back at the theme park in Japan this past winter taught me how to keep smiling through the pain - and even our fire safety told us she couldn't tell I'd been injured.  I let Darrell do all the schmoozing and packing up, and have been resting with a vengeance for the last couple days.  It's finally starting to feel better throughout most of my range of motion, though it still hurts if I move too fast or bend the wrong way.  

The prom committee at Bellarmine liked our show so much that they immediately booked us for the Senior Prom next weekend.  (The senior prom night theme: James Bond!)  

So!  I *will* be all healed, and dancing at 100% by next Saturday night, even if it means I have to rest all week long.  I am a terrible rester.  I get grumpy and irritable if I can't get out and move my body.  But .. the show must go on.  I can't wait to get back there and do some more fire dancing!

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