Fire Pixie

Fire Dancing with Fireworks, Lasers, and Fire Cannons

Last night was amazing.  

We've been fire dancing our butts off here at Huis Ten Bosch.  It's been hard.  It's been cold, and we've battled through injuries and broken fire tools and changing schedules and braved blizzards and sleet and gusting wind.  With one week left, we were needing a bit of an adrenaline transfusion.

Well, last night, we got one. 

A little backstory - it seems there are fireworks competitions all over Asia and Huis Ten Bosch is a major player.  Also, HTB is celebrating some kind of anniversary next month, and this was the precursor celebration.  I can't imagine what the real celebration will be like!  

This was a 20 minute show, with fire dancing, fire cannons, lasers, and one of the best fireworks displays I've seen.. and we got the whole thing on video.  And yes, we watch it and laugh and giggle and scream with remembered delight.

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