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Fire Dancing in the Rain

Last night we did a fire show for a 16th birthday party in Sacramento.  This show had been booked for MONTHS and the hostess was really excited about it.. we were too!  It was a very cool location, right near the capital building, and a "Fire & Ice" theme which is some of our best stuff.

When yesterday's thunder storm rolled in, I called the hostess..  Would the show go on?  The wind was whipping, the rain was driving and there was dramatic thunder and lightning!  We hemmed & hawed for a moment .. but then decided that yes, the show must go on.  I braved the traffic and the 2 hour drive, and got to the restaurant right on time.

It was raining BUCKETS.  I was a little nervous about the PA system.. electronics and rain do not do well together.. but I was able to borrow a catering cart and drape fabric all around to make a little "tent" for the speakers, and cranked it up just as loud as it would go to overcome the incredible noise of the rain drops.  The hostess pulled some capers to trick all the guests into coming outside in the rain, and then the show began.

Remember how fun it was to stomp in puddles when you were a kid?

Well, as the music started, I got a huge surge of energy.  There's this moment.. at first, you're trying your best to stay as dry as possible.  Keeping the hood up, avoiding the deepest of the puddles, hurrying to any overhang you can see.. and then there is an internal shift.  The music starts, your shoulders relax, your jacket comes off and you turn and face the rain... and embrace it.  Embrace the wet, embrace the cold, jump into the puddles and smile.  The rain drops sizzle as they hit the fire.  The audience shivers until you get close and share the fire's heat.  The light reflects from the puddles and from the falling drops, surrounding you in a magical halo of warmth and fairy lights.

When you embrace the rain while being embraced by the fire, the magic of the opposite elements twirling around you and surrounding you is absolutely transcending.

The last time I fire danced in pouring rain was at Castello di Amarosa, the very first time we performed there.  It was magical, and still one of my favorite fire dancing memories of all time. This weekend's show might not rank up with the favorites.. but it sure did an amazing job of making me feel truly alive.

Being an entertainer means bringing performance and art off the TV screen and into the real world.  Sometimes the real world presents challenges.. but if it's too easy, is it really worth doing?  Transcendence is easiest to find on the opposite side of adversity.

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