Fire Pixie

Fire Dancing at Cache Creek Casino

Fire Pixie was lucky enough to perform for the VIP Club party at Cache Creek Casino last weekend.  We did 4 shows throughout the night on their gorgeous stage at Club 88.  The whole place was decorated with a Fire & Ice theme.. I love doing fire & ice parties!  Being a fire person, I'm really blown away and impressed with ice sculpture.  This event had a 6 foot long bar made out of ice, with drinks inside it (how do they DO that??).  The Ice Bartender was even brave enough to get her palm lit on fire by Darrell during one of the shows.  I guess maybe she was cold?  :)

Above is my favorite shot from the night, and here is a slideshow of all the best shots we got.  Darrell has been playing with placing a camera on a timer at the back of the stage so it takes loads of pictures.. we have to weed out the blurries but ended up with some great stuff this time.  Enjoy!

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