Fire Pixie

Blue Moon Fire Dancing Show

This July 31 there was a gorgeous and rare Blue Moon. We were lucky enough to be booked at a fantastic luau show in the Central Valley in California, where we got to dance and spin fire under the gorgeous moon next to a tropical pool.  We were in great company, performing with hula dancers and a live band, and got to enjoy the calls of a highly skilled auctioneer.  


Yes -- this was a charity auction event for a local church.  The entertainment and food and gorgeous atmosphere was all for a great cause, and the event raised close to $50,000 for their church.  They auctioned off food items, art, toys, and even a vintage tractor!  They also auctioned off another luau (and invited us back to perform at it).  So meta.  But the auctioneer was the best part.  

Fooo-rty fortyfortyfortyfive, fortyfive, can I hear fifty, fiftyfiftyfiftyfiftyfifty fifty can I hear fiftyfive! 

It wasn't quite music, it wasn't quite beat boxing and it wasn't quite fast talking.  Never heard anything quite like it, honestly.  I was delighted.  I love getting to perform at different types of events and encounter performers who are masters at art forms I never even knew existed.

Hoping they'll book us again next year, where we can bring some mermaids into that gorgeous pool!

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