Fire Pixie

Mermaid Oracle at Pantheacon 2012

This past weekend I got to play the Mermaid Oracle at the Pagan Alliance's "Vampirates" party at Pantheacon in San Jose.

This was my first time visiting Pantheacon and I had a really wonderful time.  The Pagan Alliance folks were wonderful and hospitable - and they had the best party in the whole convention!

I was set up in the gigantic bath tub in my swimming tail, which had been decorated with all kinds of mermaid-y stuff and looked fabulous.  I sat in the tub, splashing people, telling fortunes, blowing bubbles and being wooed by pirates.   It was a fabulous night!  

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the fortune telling / oracle aspect of this gig.  I hadn't ever done fortune telling before.  Nobody expected "serious" fortune telling or true oracular ability, of course, so I just decided to keep it silly and fun.  After all, a mermaid who's allowed herself to be captured and confined to a bathtub in San Jose can't be *that* all-knowing, right?

But the very first "client" I spoke to had a semi-serious question.. will my son be happy?  I looked back at her and opened my mouth.. and the words that came out left tears of emotion rolling down her face.  (I made her cry?? Wow.. that was unexpected..)  But they were tears of gratitude.. it seems she had simply needed someone to listen to her and believe in her, and.... well, if a magical creature such as a mermaid believes in you, then you're gonna be okay, right?

I answered so many questions throughout the night - serious ones, silly ones, irreverent ones and flirty ones, and I actually felt like a few of the people got some real answers.  Is perhaps the value of an oracle simply a sounding board?  A magical-seeming echo of our own thoughts, stirred around in the sea and repeated back to us with a more confident tone? 

Or, is it simply that when we open up and ask for advice from a stranger, we get a new perspective on our problems?

Whatever the reason, this was a great party, a unique experience and a delightful crowd.  I hope I get to do it again next year!

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First off, someone made an offhand reference to "Fire Pixie" and I wondered if you were perhaps at P'Con somewhere. I spend most of my time at the con supporting the suite for the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn (OSOGD,, the magickal group to which Amy and I belong. So, I didn't venture forth very much.This was the first year that I have personally run my own ritual. As a lover of tea ceremony and Golden Dawn practice, I was presenting tea ceremony in our suite that uses elements of Golden Dawn. I was utterly amazed at how many strangers came wandering in to receive tea. What amazed me more, though, is how they felt about it. I'd hoped to give them a beautiful experience, but for many of them, they expressed something much more.But then I thought about things a bit. My ceremony offered them a place in the con where they could be in a quiet, softly lit room, away from the din, where the major sounds are deep breathing and someone singing the arcane names of angels, where they could stop and be in their present senses, and where they could relax, be receptive, and receive a simple cup of tea. For someone who's been running around the con nonstop, in a state of heightened emotion, that's got to be a calming and maybe even healing thing.I never realized this until I interacted with a therapist who also practices magick, but so much of magick is simply how we relate to one another, what we can give to one another, and what we hear from one another. I'm sure that, given what I know about you, you were probably the most powerful oracle at the entire convention.