Fire Pixie

New Swimming Mermaid Video

Back in October, we went to Maui for a week and brought the mermaid tail.  We rented an underwater camera and went for a swim, and got a lot of photos and a few video clips as a result.  They have been sitting in an unassuming folder on my hard drive ever since.

Well, yesterday I found them, dusted them off, and decided to polish them up a bit.  I'm so happy with the results!

We did two snorkel trips in the ocean and did a good long photo shoot in our condo's swimming pool.  The swimming pool photos turned out just lovely!  The ocean photos - not quite as much.. it's hard not to make a "pain" face while swimming with one's eyes open in the naked ocean, so a lot of the photos are less than optimal.  Also, I really need a weight belt if I'm going to be diving in the ocean in my rather buoyant mermaid tail.

We did get enough beautiful material to make a wonderful new video!  Here it is.. enjoy!


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